A Few Suggested Answers to Funding

I recently read a post on howlround.com about fair wages in theatre.  Nothing I haven’t really read or thought about before but I like most of the suggested answers to the issue.

  1. Transparency in theatre wages – I agree that the public should know what their entertainers and artists are getting paid.  Shine a light on wages not as a way to beg for money or to garner sympathy but start conversations.
  2. Payroll taxes – not an issue I’d want to tackle but any help for artists is good with me.
  3. Unionize – yes!  Unions give a collective voice for artists.  If artists want to get paid work together as one.  Baseball players get paid the high wages they do because of the strength of the players union.
  4. Salary caps – I don’t agree with this as much.  Let Mathew Broderick get paid what he thinks he is worth.  The market will dictate salaries and obviously the market to employ him is pretty good.

Here is a link to the post.

The first half of the post discussing points that have been discussed before so skip down to the section of – So what do we do?  I find it interesting that the word “we” is used.  I would like to think that the “we” refers to the general public and theatre artists.  But that is a big hope.

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