DEITY tickets are on sale with a special small group promotion

Tickets for THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY are on sale now – click here.  Pricing Promotion: Purchase 4 tickets in a single order and receive 25% off the price of each ticket! Pricing discount will be automatically applied once there are 4 tickets in your cart.

I felt it was important to establish this promotion.  Part of DSC’s mission is to grow the regular going theatre audience.  I have a family of five and when we think about our entertainment choices, theatre is not the top choice.  I’ll be honest, theatre can be expensive.  I understand why it can be expensive but why start group pricing at ten tickets or even more, as most other companies do?  Who is getting that many people together to buy theatre tickets?  I decided that if I want to help a family see theatre, then I should make the pricing work a little better.  Essentially you are getting a ticket for free if you buy four.  So, even if two couples want to go for a night out, get the fifth ticket and give it to someone – a lonely friend or neighbor, someone you meet at the gas station, your dad, just give them some entertainment.  Then when they enjoy the show you can ask them to join you, then they will ask a friend, then they will enjoy it, and they will ask a friend . . . this is how an audience grows and tickets become more reasonable.

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