CHAD DEITY auditions

Auditions for the all male cast of THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY

Sun. Jan. 17 – 2-5pm – UMSL, South Campus, East Drive, Provincial House

1-2 minute contemporary monologue & cold readings

Show dates – Jan. 26-28, 2018

Rehearsals to begin Dec. 28, 3-4 weekly evenings

MACEDONIO GUERRA (also known as The Mace) – a Puerto Rican professional wrestler; good at what he does, undersized, our hero
CHAD DEITY (also known as Chad Deity) – the African-American champion of THE Wrestling; confident, handsome, not a very good wrestler
VIGNESHWAR PADUAR (also known as VP) – a young Indian-American Brooklynite; charismatic, natural, effortless
THE BAD GUY – a non-descript professional wrestler (non-speaking; also plays Billy Heartland and Old Glory)

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