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The Declaration Stage Company is a non-profit 501-c3.  All donations are tax deductible.

Why donate?  That is a fair question but I think it should be a more detailed question – why donate to an arts organization, especially a brand new theatre company?

  • Since the beginning of theatre, back in Ancient Greece, it has been a money loser.  Theatre, for the most part, has always been supported by funding from philanthropists, wealthy business people, or government.  This is true of other arts as well.  So asking for money is not new when it comes to the arts.
  • Arts play an important role in fulfilling us emotionally and filling pockets.  Sue Greenberg makes a great argument in a recent St. Louis Business Journal.  Click here to read the story.
  • Declaration Stage will be different that other companies by presenting timeless stories of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as seen through diverse lenses.  We won’t get all political and self righteous, rather we will present stories that you can relate to but through the perspective of someone you might not have considered before – for example, the movie ROCKY.  Who wanted to see a movie about the emotional and personal side of a boxer?  A boxer can’t feel or think like me, they just want to fight and get paid.  If it is a great story and appeals to the common human struggles of life, then that is what we will present.
  • Declaration Stage isn’t just starting out because we think it would be neat and fun to put on a show.  This is show BUSINESS and we will work to start at the highest level we can and aspire to compete with the long established, and somewhat out of date, theatres.

Our mission is to grow the theatre going audience and employ artists with fair wages.  If you can support those ideas, then please join our family and give today.


We will see you in the theatre.